What you're about to read here are insights into my book entitled “The Domestic Marine” Never before and never again; there is only one "Domestic Marine.”

     . . . One may find it interesting to note that two books were written in parallel with one another, while at the same time engaging social media.

     Much of the information in these two books were written to social media before, or at the same, that the information was written within the books, creating the first successful structure for “Tandem book writing” also now known as “living books” by “The Domestic Marine.”

     There are many more details on the facts and additional information that have not been disclosed to the public throughout the chapters. Moreover, the books are much more than a semi autobiography. The books have new ideas, health information, computer science and programming information, vegan recipes, herbal remedies, relationship information, and much more.

     Some topics that may be of interest include, but are not limited to, virtual reality, online dating, social media and dating and getting back to the basics when it comes to relationships, especially for the “Millennials” who’s label “The Domestic Marine” hopes to dispel. --Virtual reality is what inspired the original companion book, along with social media and my online encounter with my Tomboy first love from childhood.

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"The Domestic Marine"

Never before and never again; there is only one "Domestic Marine"

     Master the Concepts, Perspectives and Perceptions contained within "Human Intelligence" and "Personal Evolution" for Wholistic Healing. Domestic Healing Services by The Domestic Marine Inc.. Autobiographical book entitled: "The Domestic Marine."