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The Domestic Marine,

Never before and never again; there is only one "Domestic Marine"

The Domestic Marine
The Tomboy
The Silencer Project
True Love
The Domestic Marine: Core:
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The new Code Talkers Series first two books:

The Domestic Marine Series Companion Book V, "Personal Evolution:"
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"The Domestic Marine," Never before and never again; there is only one "Domestic Marine."

Master the Concepts, Perspectives and Perceptions contained within "Human Intelligence" and "Personal Evolution," for Wholistic Healing.

Domestic Healing Services' by The Domestic Marine Inc..

Part I of a two Part Main Book Autobiography and a Tandem Book Writing two Part Book Series.

Part I of the Autobiography or first "Semi" autobiography is the Main Book in The Domestic Marine 4 Books' Original Tandem Book Writing Series entitled: "The Domestic Marine."

Part II of the Autobiography or second "Semi" autobiography is entitled "The Domestic Marine:" CORE.

The second Book Series' is The Code Talker Series and The Domestic Marine: CORE is out of both book series.

Moreover, both Book Series', The Domestic Marine Serie's & The Code Talkers Serie's and both "Semi" autobiographies' form the complete Autobiography, therefore, my complete Autobiography is a two part "Semi" autobiography or 2 Books' Series, in and of its "Self," in addition to The Domestic Marine Book Series & The Code Talker Book Series?



     What you're about to read here are insights into my book entitled “The Domestic Marine” Never before and never again; there is only one "Domestic Marine.”

      . . . One may find it interesting to note that two books were written in parallel with one another, while at the same time engaging social media?
     Much of the information in these two books were written to social media before, or at the same, that the information were written within the books, creating the first successful structure for “Tandem book writing” also now known as “Living books” by “The Domestic Marine Inc..”

     While engaging social media and writing, these two books in parallel, two more books were spawned from the “Tandem Writing Process” to complete The Domestic Marine” 4 Books' Tandem Writing Series.

     Thereafter, Book V was materialized as The Companion Book to “The Domestic Marine” Series and a second book series began called The Code Talker Series and various “Out of Series Books” began to take form!

     More on the second book in the Original 4 Books’ Series (The main book, “The Domestic Marine’s” Companion Book) that was integrated within “The Domestic Marine” and then back into its own Book II of the series as “The Domestic Marine’s” Companion Book several times before there was a settling into a separate Book II, Companion Book, to “The Domestic Marine” main book will be discussed later in a special thank you sub chapter where a "Scratch-off link" to a special edition of “The Domestic Marine’s” original Companion Book revisited from a new perspective and rewritten in condensed Snippet version and titled The Angel One will be available for free download as an introduction to “The Domestic Marine” Tandem Book Writing Series.

     “The Domestic Marine,” will be available for purchase in hardcover and/or paperback and/or for purchase and download in eBook format.

     There are many more details on the facts and additional information that have not been disclosed to the public throughout the chapters. Moreover, the books are much more than a semi autobiography. The books have new ideas, health information, computer science and programming information, Vegan recipes, herbal remedies, relationship information and much more!

     Some topics that may be of interest include, but are not limited to, virtual reality, online dating, social media and dating and getting back to the basics when it comes to relationships, especially for the “Millennials” whose label “The Domestic Marine” hopes to dispel. 

--Virtual reality is what inspired the original Companion Book, along with social media and my online encounter with my Tomboy first love from childhood.

     The first nine chapters were restructured (“Living books”) many times before and after Companion Book integration and the structural changes are a direct result from my online encounter with my Tomboy childhood first love. 

     Beginning with Chapter 10, “The Domestic Marine’s” chapter’s content’s starts to resemble the original planned structure of the main book. 

     “The Domestic Marine” is more informational (Informative –facts) and life events remain chronological and sequential and, while within the Companion Book II and the revisited condensed version Snippet's “Companion Book” entitled The Angel One, life events do not remain sequential and are not necessarily chronological.

     “The Domestic Marine’s” Companion Book II and The Angel One Snippet’s symbolic “Book VIII” are more relational (Relationships –opinion) and are meant to share most significant and beneficial events and encounters that have the most potential to affect positive change in relationships.

     Many of the Vegan recipes are my own and the rest are provided by participating companies (Have to try my vegan pizza and I have a top-secret hummus recipe that will be in the recipe section of the "Out of Series" Health, Diet and Recipe’s Book entitled: A look at Health, Diet and Recipes like never before and never again: Eating For One’s “Self!” You’re Not Eating For You!

      (Want to know all about fermentation and making your own yogurt? . . . ..how a bout some vegan thickening agents?).

     The links to herbs and spices mentioned in the Health, Diet and Recipe’s “Out of Series”  Book are also provided by participating companies.

     There will be something for all generations within the series, with an emphasis on the “Millennials” to get them back on track with a health and life style changes.

     . . . Decided to add sub chapters to the books, between each chapter is a short sub chapter, examining topics of particular interest more closely.

     The first sub chapter in “The Domestic Marine” is called Prep for Online Encounter. The next sub chapter: "Corps" Emotions Combined with The Tomboy. --You won’t want to miss them!

     Each chapter is like a mini book in and of itself, satisfying, but the reader wanting more, so each of the following chapters is progressively satisfying to the reader and each book's focus remains on the thesis of the book.

Thesis: “You can’t change the past but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it define me!”

     ". . . ..was up late again, been waking up in the middle of the night lately and jotting down some thoughts?"
     This is the “Story” of my life but it is not a complete autobiography because my life ended at age 50, when I took my “Old life back.”

     Therefore, “The Domestic Marine” is Part I of a two Part autobiography, making “The Domestic Marine” a semi autobiography and coming in the future, Part II, the second semi autobiography forming the complete autobiography. 

     Part II is entitled “The Domestic Marine: CORE:” but has yet to be written at the time of “The Domestic Marine” Original Serie's publication date.

     This “Story” does start out at a time in my childhood and is quite autobiographical initially but then becomes more explanatory due to life changing events beyond my control.

     The explanations become substantially detailed to the point of appearing as though they are in the third person. This approach can be considered a creative writing style to help convey the thoughts, feelings and emotions at the time of the described events, to the reader’s better understanding.

     As time progresses in these “Story(s),” “Pause” is occasionally taken to relay some more detailed information on topics’ of particular interest, again, for the reader’s sake. 

     No one’s names are used (Aside from dedications) for my own principled reasons not necessarily to protect the parties involved.

     Finally, the depth of the insights presented here is kept at a level so as to be more appealing to a wider audience and hopefully draw you, the reader, into an intense and engaging reading experience! 

     Once again, the focus remains on the thesis of the books:

Thesis: “You can’t change the past but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it define me!”

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